About Tommy Hair

Welcome to my studio!

With my 20 years of professional expertise in the beauty industry, I have never been more in love with my clients and with my craft. 

Struggling with thinning hair myself along with many of my clients, I decided to get educated with leading experts in the hair replacement field. I have a passion for helping people to regain their confidence through non-invasive hair loss solutions. So I decided to embark on this project of an e-commerce site in order to offer magnificent volumizers to these women so that they too can regain self-confidence.
I'm an alternative hair artist. I design custom volume extensions, Luxury length extensions and handcrafted wigs (Enhancements) with every nuance present in natural hair. I always use every product on my hair before I offer it in my studio. This is the only way I can stand behind the solutions I recommend. 

When you walk into my studio you'll feel in safe, caring & creative hands. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the look you've always wanted! 

Email: service01kefu@gmail.com